What Are Lens Coatings?

You have most likely have talked with plenty of southern Illinois eye care professionals over the years. Throughout this time, you may have heard them mention lens coatings.

Lens coatings are simply coatings or treated lenses that improve the durability and performance of lenses. In some cases, they can even improve the appearance.

Here, we will go over the different types of coatings to find the best ones to fit your needs!
Ultraviolet Coatings
Too many ultraviolet rays from the sun can severely damage your eyes. UV protective coatings are very helpful at preventing this damage and protecting your eyes. An invisible dye will be placed on your lenses, that is specially designed to resist and even block UV rays.
Scratched lenses are a pain, and can prevent you from seeing clearly. To eliminate this issue, an Illinois eye care specialist may recommend coating your lenses with a scratch-resistant coating. Both sides of the lens would be treated, or coated in the substance to act as a protective layer. That should prevent scratches from wiping off your lenses or dropping them.
If you have had glasses for any extended period of time, you know how frustrating fogged lenses are. When you are driving, this issue can even become dangerous. This is why many Illinois eye care professionals suggest anti-fogging treatment. It reduces the probability for condensation in any climate, thus keeping your vision clear, and you comfortable.
Another one of the more common types of lens coatings is the anti-reflective coating. This is a thin coating that is put on your lenses in multiple layers. The treatment eliminates heavy reflecting, many Illinois eye care specialists recommend this for those who drive later in the day or who are sensitive to glare.

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