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In the world we live in today, your eyes are working incredibly hard to keep up, often staring at a computer screen or other electronic device for hours on end. However, there’s no need to worry! Comfort is within reach. Neurolens provide comfort and pain relief that is much needed for your eyes. Oftentimes, the symptoms that cause discomfort and pain are caused by a misalignment of the eyes.

Neurolenses were created after years of hard work and clinical research. As a result, the research led to this revolutionary product. Neurolenses are prescription lenses with a contoured prism that help to treat eye misalignment by bringing the eyes back into alignment. Most importantly, they are the first and only lenses in the world with this technology.


Neurolens treats some of the most common symptoms that are experienced due to reading, digital device use, and doing work that requires a lot of detail. 

The symptoms that Neurolens treat are:
Chronic Headaches
Neck Pain
Eye Strain
Eye Fatigue
Dry Eye Sensation
Motion Sickness
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Testing for neurolens is a short addition to the traditional eye exam. The test uses a special measuring device to determine if you are a candidate for Neurolens. This device will objectively measure the degree of misalignment accurately. Most importantly, the comprehensive results guide your doctor uses to find the correct prism prescription can be added to your regular prescription.
Complete Family Eyecare is proud to offer this amazing technology to our patients. Our goal is to provide our patients with the highest-quality eye care possible. We want each of our patients to see as clearly and as comfortably as possible. Contact us today to see if Neurolenses are right for you! 
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