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An eye exam at Complete Family Eye Care ensures that not only are your visual needs met but also that your eyes are healthy both outside and inside. The inside of the eye is often ignored and can only be visualized with magnification through the pupil.

We prioritize your vision needs and overall eye health.

The eye exams that our experienced doctors give ensure that all of your visual needs are met. But, in addition, their exams also ensure that your eyes are healthy both on the inside and outside. The inside of the eye is often ignored because it can only be visualized with magnification through the pupil. However, our doctors make sure to analyze your eye completely and thoroughly to find any vision issues that may exist. In addition, our staff will help assist you in developing a plan to meet the needs of any vision issues that may be found during your eye exam. It is always crucial to be proactive about your eyecare. This is why providing quality exams is a top priority for the staff at Complete Family eyecare.
Most importantly, yearly eye exams are one of the most important diagnostic and preventative measures you can take to protect your vision and overall health. Don’t wait until you start experiencing vision issues to make an eyecare appointment getting looked at early can significantly improve your chances of long-lasting sight. Schedule your annual exam today and take the first step in maintaining healthy vision. So, please contact Complete Family Eye Care, today, for an exam and recommendations. We look forward to seeing you soon!
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Routine Eye Exam Visits
Taking care of your eyes is a proactive measure that supports long-term eye health and enhances your quality of life. At Complete Family Eyecare we recommend the following intervals for your entire family. 
0-12 Months
Only if recommended by a doctor
1-5 Years Old
As recommended by your doctor
5-18 Years Old
Yearly eye exams or as recommended

Here are eye and vision tests that you are likely to encounter during a comprehensive eye exam:

In some cases, besides these common tests performed during a standard comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor may recommend other, more specialized eye tests.
A standard eye chart
Cover test to check eye alignment
Retinoscopy and Refraction (Eyeglass Prescription)
Stereopsis (Depth Perception) Test
Slit Lamp Exam (Examining the Eye Structures)
Glaucoma Test
Exam of Retina After Pupil Dilation
Visual Field Test


From the eye doctors near you at Complete Family Eyecare, we promise to provide a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to eye care services at each of our four locations. 
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